You might be hearing about the smog increasing in Punjab. Well, what is it? We have been dealing with it for the past few years. In case you are not familiar with it. Then, we can answer the question for you:

What is Smog?

It is a form of air pollution, a dense layer of stagnant air. It creates a foggy environment causing many health problems. It can make it difficult to breathe and also increase the chance of asthma attacks.

What is the Current Situation of Smog in Punjab?

Smog is rising in Punjab. You might remember the last year as we faced many sunless days in Punjab. The smog probably hijacked winter all over in Punjab. However, the experts are fearing again and talking about it to spread awareness. The main fear coming through this smog issue is the possibility of an increase in death through Coronavirus. We are already facing the winter cold, and people are falling sick. Adding smog to this condition is nothing, but getting worse day by day.

Two main reasons for smog told by the experts:

  1. The stubble burning on the Pakistan side of the Punjab border.
  2. The wind direction from the Indian side.

The experts say that right now, stubble is burning in Pakistan. However, soon the circumstances change and the wind of direction, the things will start going the other way around. The Punjab government is making some changes to fight this smog hazard along with COVID-19 and the absence of rain. All of it combined is making overall health conditions worse in Punjab.
The government has already started a crackdown on smoke-emitting vehicles. Dropping the number of vehicles on the road can make conditions a little better. One of the PDMA officials said that situation could be in extreme control with this.
Additionally, they are suggesting closing the marriage halls and shops by 7 pm. However, the final implementation of these regulations is still to be applied.

Safety Guide to be Safe from the Blanket of Smog

Meanwhile, it would be best if you protect yourself from the smog and all the other hazards by taking precautions. Let’s talk about the ways you can stay safe during this rainless season.

  • It is advised to the public to use surgical or face masks for their protection.
  • Use regular glasses instead of contact lenses.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Wash hands and face or any exposed parts of the body after coming back from anywhere.
  • Avoid any moving if not necessary.
  • Seal windows and ventilators.
  • Air purifiers are recommended.
  • Use fog lights.
  • Avoid using high beams.
  • Avoid any crowded or heavy traffic areas.
  • Keep your missions to a minimum.

People are prone to any illness like asthma or allergies should avoid any kind of unnecessary outdoor activities. Try to stay indoors and take your medications regularly.
The government can do its job as far as possible. However, as a responsible citizen, there is a certain duty on your shoulders too. Try to follow the safety precautions and make sure you are wearing masks, etc. to be safe on your own.

Bottom Line

To sum up, all you have to do is to prepare yourself to fight this battle by all means. We have talked about the safety precautions in detail in this article. Just stay at home and avoid contact with this air pollution as much as possible. Let the government manage the rest for you. Keep yourself updated with the conditions and check the areas specific situation before traveling down there.